Hoi An Map A COMPREHENSIVE PROGRAM - During the 18-month program, each Trainee is provided with housing, food, basic financial support, active community and social support, and medical care. The housing accommodations are based on a model of supervised, small semi-autonomous groups.

Resident house parents and all other STREETS staff are available and integrally involved as supportive and mentoring members of the overall STREETS community.

Trainee development is not only a classroom and practice objective but integrated into all the various components of the comprehensive program, increasing the Trainees' sense of dignity, community and responsibility.

Following the 18-month program, STREETS involvement continues with the support necessary for Trainees to secure employment, helping to ensure their independence and success. Ultimately, the Trainees’ greatest accomplishments are not just their newly achieved culinary and hospitality careers but lives that have been empowered with dignity and choice.