Fully support a Trainee at STREETS!  Provide all the necessary education, apprenticing, and daily living support to give a young person a legitimate future of dignity and self-sufficiency. 
Donate 3,600usd or pay monthly 200usd for 18 months.  
Essential daily living support for one Trainee.  This includes supervised dormitory housing, three nutritious meals per day, a small monthly allowance, clothing, uniforms, medical screening and basic medical care.  
Donate 1,800usd or pay monthly 100usd  for 18 months.
Education and training support for one Trainee.  This includes the expenses of full-time English teachers, Hospitality and Culinary instructors, Life Skills instructors, Computer Language lab, books and study materials.
Donate 1,800usd or pay monthly 100usd  for 18 months.
All Sponsors receive regular updates on the class progress and fully supporting a Trainee includes an invitation to the class graduation ceremony in Vietnam.
We need your support.  Help us to help them and become a STREETS Trainee Sponsor!
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